Left brain thinkers?  No problem. We strive to inspire your right brain.  

Choose the art program that best fits your company's need.

We design innovative art programs for office parties, meetings, and off-site events designed to fit the theme or mission of your company. Relax with a painting party, or jump in to action with a team building session. Whether you're a right brain or left brain thinker, our programs provide a stimulating event that's sure to please any crowd!  

  • Participants can paint individually, or work as a team to create their work of art.

  • Choose from our painting gallery, or request a custom artwork option such as your logo or business theme.  

  • We provide all painting supplies (easels, paint, brushes, canvas, and aprons).

  • Our artists will set-up, coordinate, lead and assist the participants in painting, and clean-up. Our goal is to let you relax and enjoy a little art therapy. 

  • Most events are 3 hours long with short breaks.

Let us create a memorable and stress free experience for your group.



Relax and unwind with a traditional painting party. Choose a painting from our art gallery or we can create a painting that is specific to a theme or your business. Our artists will walk your group step-by-step to recreate an individual masterpiece. We encourage you to hold a gallery showing during dinner or a cocktail event, and afterwards, each participant will take home their very own creation to hang on their home or office wall.  

MNet Mortgage Corp. 



With this program, you'll create a team mural for your office. Your employees are divided into groups where they will work together as teams.  Each canvas becomes a part of a larger design just as a jigsaw puzzle. Each group works together to paint their piece of the puzzle. The finished canvases are then placed together for a mural sized masterpiece that incorporates a theme, business principles, or leadership goals previously determined by the company. This experience offers a teamwork environment that provides a more socially interactive art experience. These large murals turn out to be a wonderful collaboration and make beautiful art to hang the walls of any office!