Offering fun and innovative arts programs such as painting parties, team building events, and instructional art for the novice and experienced artists. 

Let us plan your next fundraiser, office party, corporate event, birthday party, dinner party, bridal shower, church group event, senior group event, singles event, sorority party, family fun night, ladies night out, etc.

  Ever had the impulse to paint? Join an event on our calendar or plan your private party now!   

tutoring art to stimulate your right brain                            tutoring art to motivate your left brain

Painting Roses for the Community Crisis Center of Reisterstown.


Who knew fundraisers could be so easy?

Hosting a painting party to raise money for your organization is a fun and unique way to receive funding, and encourage repeat donors.  Our artists pay it forward by taking a reduced fee for these events so that YOU can bring in more to support your cause!  

Mortgage Network paints whimsical trees for their holiday party.

corporate events

We design innovative art programs for office parties, meetings, and off-site events designed to fit the theme or mission of your company. Relax with a painting party, or jump in to action with a team building session. Whether you're a right brain or left brain thinker, our programs provide a stimulating event that's sure to please any crowd!