Creativity is Intelligence having fun!
— Albert Einstein

We are a mobile art studio offering fun and innovative arts programs for a variety of painting parties, and instructional art for the novice and experienced artists. Choose to host a private party, company party, or fundraiser. Have a great idea?  Let us design a program just for you!

Choose the art program that best fits your artistic impulses.

Here's where it really gets fun!  Below is a list of arts programs we can offer anytime.  For adults, youth, home school, after school, weekends - you choose!  

NEW!! Acrylic Fluid Painting - Try a fun and therapeutic style of painting and get a glimpse in to the world of Flow Art. It's a very abstract, no rules style of art that frees your mind from the traditional and let's it wander to the unknown. Learn techniques like 'dirty pour", "flip cup", "swipe" and more!

Beer & Wine Glass Painting - You can paint your wine art and drink it too!  Create a work of art on a wine glass rather than a canvas.  Choose a design template or paint your favorite quote with the assistance of an artist on premises to help you with any little detail.  Materials and 2 wine glasses are provided; bring your own unique glass if you prefer.  Glasses are ready to drink from within 48 hours.

Pallet Painting - Painting on wood! Choose a 3 – 6 word phrase or quote, and email it to us for a pre-design. Designs are transferred on to an 11” x 18” pallet by the participant on the day of the event.  You can then choose to do a wash of color on the pallet or use an unpainted background. The foreground is also painted with your choice of colors, all with the help of Tutoring Art’s professional artists!

Painting Paws - With this one, you get to paint a furry friend on canvas! Send us a picture of your pet or any dog, cat, bird, etc., and we’ll help you paint a masterpiece to take home and enjoy.  No experience needed. Delightfully fun for animal advocate organizations and their donors!  

Step by Step Painting - Plan a traditional painting party.  An artist will walk you step by step to complete your own version of an original acrylic painting on a 12" x 16" or 16" x 20" canvas.  Additional sizes are available by request.  Easels and all materials are provided, so relax and enjoy some art therapy!

Tote Bag Painting - Much like step by step painting, you choose a design and we paint on tote bags. Choose from canvas painting designs or pallet quotes. Large canvas totes will be used.

Watercolor Painting -  As an option, wine and painting sessions may be instructed with watercolor pencils and brushes in place of acrylics.  Create a painting or perhaps greeting cards for a special holiday.  All materials are provided for you.

Watercolor Botanicals - Learn the basics of Botanical Art with water color. You will create a floral masterpiece on a large note card, or watercolor paper ready for framing or mailing as a special gift.  Watercolor pencils are used. 

Painting with a Twist- A cross between speed dating and musical chairs.  Your group will follow a step by step painting, with a twist: every 10 minutes, you will change seats with another painter and continue to paint on the new canvas in front of you.  Your Fitbit will surely track those extra steps!  At the end, everyone returns to finish their original canvas they started with and you take home a group creation.  A super fun activity for birthday parties, close friends and even office parties.  

Modern Art - Plan a painting session to create modern art that fits any room in your house.  You choose the color scheme!  Various canvas sizes are available.  Bring your spouse or a friend and paint 2 large paintings to go over your couch, or a paint something as a gift.  A 3 hour session ranges $30 - $60 per person depending on the size of the canvas.  With modern art, anything goes.  So no pressure.  You'll go home proud of your masterpiece!

Fine Art Lessons - Instruction in various mediums for ages 10 and up.  Art Studio Sessions are scheduled every summer.  For 2018, sign up for Art Wacky Wednesday Workshops!  Private workshops may be scheduled anytime.  For a minimum of 3 participants, you will receive the same group instruction rates.   Featured mediums include:

  • Painting in acrylics, watercolor or chalk pastel
  • Drawing in pencil, colored pencil or charcoal
  • Graffiti painting using professional spray paint
  • Sculpting with clay; air dry and firing clay used
  • Pyrography/wood burning (for ages 12 and up)
  • Junk Sculpure
  • CLICK HERE to see a complete listing of Youth Art Programs available and a Student Art Gallery

Chalk & Photography - Teaming up with a professional photographer to illustrate chalk designs for photo shoots.  Great program for company picnics and family reunions.  Sitting fees apply; you own all the digital images.

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